In the year 2015 I became a certified DanceAbility® teacher.
The method of DanceAbility was founded in 1987 by Alito Alessi
and Karen Nelson. It uses improvisational dance to promote
artistic expression and exploration between people with
and without disabilities.

The primary goals of DanceAbility are:

- to provide opportunities for people with and without disabilities,
and people from different cultures to come together for
artistic exploration and community-building

- to help explore and uproot misconceptions and prejudice
between people with and without disabilities

- to cultivate cultural and artistic diversity through performance,
communication, and education

- to encourage the evolution and performance of contemporary
dance and new dance


Since the autumn 2015 I've been leading classes and workshops
of integrated dance based on DanceAbility method.
As a teacher I've been facilitating events for children, adults
and mixed groups of different ages and abilities.

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