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I've been teaching dance since 2003. In my classes I use personal approach which is based on my own experience as a dancer together with the techniques which had the biggest influence on me: some somatic techniques, such as release and Body-Mind Centering® and also movement improvisation. In my teaching I approach human body as an amazing source of inspiration. I encourages my students, regardless their age, to express themselves and find their own body language. 

Currently, I work as a guest teacher of contemporary dance and improvisation in several institutions of Finland including North Karelia college, Outokumpu and West Finland College. I've been also teaching workshops in professional dance institutions abroad and at international dance festivals: Dance House Lemesos, Cyprus; Contact meets contemporary Göttingen, Germany; Estudio3 Madrid, Spain; ByeBye Ballet Outdoors, St. Petersburg, Russia - to name a few. As a teacher I also work with children and teenagers, as well as with elderly people and people with disabilities.

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