Step Forward

The aim of the project is to create a platform for young people to share their experience of living in a multicultural environment and interacting with youngsters of other cultures and backgrounds. The project was resulted in a series of workshops, open discussions, work in progress demos and site-specific performances in public spaces. The project was designed and implemented by an international group of artists in collaboration with youngsters of different cultural backgrounds.

During the working process artists and young people worked together in an equal environment. Through the workshops the group members worked on different tasks based on improvisation and scores.

Idea, direction: Vera Lapitskaya

Group members: Aida Tervo, Arina Laubert, Isabella Mansnérus, Melanie Rose, Veronika Yakushevich, Natalia Kochelenko

Production: NotaBene art group

Supported by Cultura-foundation






Step_forward_11.jpeg Step_forward_8.jpeg Step_forward_10.jpeg
   photos by Vera Lapitskaya©