Obvious Unexpected

The fundamental curiosity to make this journey lies in the space of encounter and interaction of verbal and non-verbal, of words and movements. We want to tend to our inner poetry and choreograph what emerges into instant dances, approaching speaking as a physical experience and creating a three dimensionality for the spoken word.

Obvious Unexpected is a performance, where both the choreographic and narrative material is instantly composed. There are no preset themes, but those rather emerge, often in parallel lines, which cross and meet during the performance. Images, tales, characters and choreographic elements are woven together by the performers in a book-like structure with a prologue, chapters and an epilogue.

Concept, text, dance: Vera Lapitskaya, Giorgio Convertito

The project was implemented in collaboration with theater Höyhentämö, with support of Helsinki city

Premiere: 16.2.2018, theater Höyhentämö, Helsinki


Obvious_Unexpected_1.jpg Obvious_Unexpected_2.jpg
photos by Cathy Walsh©