Faces of Nature

This is an interactive dance performance created as a part of interdisciplinary project Finlandia Rhapsody. The idea and choreogrpahy were inspired and based on the artworks of Hiroko Imada and music of Nicholas Sabisky. This projects is an attempt to transform the language of visual images and sounds into the language of movement and dance. It represents another perspective to the Finnish nature which has been the main theme and inspiration of the whole project Finlandia Rhapsody.

Initiator of Finlandia Rhapsody, painter: Hiroko Imada

Choreographer, dancer: Vera Lapitskaya

Musician Nicholas Sabisky

Assistance: Natalia Kochelenko

Premiered: 10.10.2015 Taidetalo Pessi, Vantaa

Supported by Cultural Department of Vantaa


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photos by Hiroko Imada©