Matreshka dating

Performance marathon and opening event of CulturaFest 2017. It is a selection of intercultural art projects that were implemented in Finland in 2017. A continuous artistic action is created based on the principle of a famous Russian doll Matrёshka. Short performances appear one after another as part of one on-going performance, during which participants present themselves and their current projects.

Concept, curation, artistic vision: Vera Lapitskaya

Participants: Chekhov Machine Company, Cyclical enclosure, Eve Ribs, Ice, Kolme/Regina Launivuo, Let it Out (Anastasia Artemeva, Arlene Tucker, Sonny Black)

Matrёshka re-maker: Vera Lapitskaya

Production: Cutura säätiö, CulturaFest 2017

Premiere: 2.11.2017 at SES auditorio, Kino K-13, Helsinki

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photos by Svetlana Mikhailova©