Jane's Solstice

Performance of dance, text, voice.

Interlacing of unique moments and poetry of the immediate,
Jane's Solstice brings to light the subtle aspect of dance and text.
The whole essence of the piece is articulated and developed in this transformation from the invisible to the visible,
from the implicit to the explicit.

From the bottom of darkness we smell glimmer
From the bowels of the earth we hear peaks calling us to climb
We crown our gods on even days
And dethrone them on odd ones
We’ll get somewhere
If time only has mercy on us
And there we’ll celebrate and sing our pagan songs…

Concept, dance, text: Vera Lapitskaya, Paolo Cingolani, Julyen Hamilton

Production: NotaBene art group, Caisa cultural center

Premiere: 26th October 2019, Caisa cultural center


manka.photos1_11.jpg manka.photos2_32.jpg manka.photos2_31.jpg
photos by Anna Mathwes