Another ground under my feet

Another ground under my feet is an artistic work which combines live music and movement in a format of video performance.

Concept, dance, music, sound design, performance, video editing, production: Vera Lapitskaya, Dimitris Tatsis

Support: The City of Helsinki

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Originally the project was planned to explore such social, political and ecological concepts as belonging, migrating, being nomadic, adjusting to the new environments. The aim of the project was to face these global issues through the individual experiences of the artists involved in the working process. The result of the work transformed through the language of movement, sound and verbal text was supposed to be presented to the audience in a format of performance in one of the public cultural spaces in Helsinki in the spring 2020.

… and then one of the global issues of 2020, which is corona-pandemic, interfered tremendously with the project and its original planning. As the result of this interference we had to reconsider all the parts of the original plan and update it to the current situation which kept changing again and again in the next few months… So literally we were stepping on “another ground” and that ground was constantly changing making us to adjust and not to take anything for granted.

Readjusting became an essential part of our working process and of our daily routines…. Until finally we’ve made a decision that we want to have things done. So we’ve readjusted our project for the last time according to the situation. That readjustment has resulted into a performance in the empty studio (due to another round of governmental restrictions) with only two performers from the original cast. The video recording of this performance was edited into a 10 minutes video version which is available online. One of the short videos recorded and edited on the early stage of the working process is also available online.