The word INTERBEING comes from Buddhism. It is a way to describe how every living thing is made of elements that aren’t itself. As dance artists who’s practices privilege attention and attunement to sensation, listening, and relationship through instant composition, we are actively honing and refining our porousness and our ability to both define and expand the territory of our physical and emotional boundaries towards connection. In our porosity and listening with each other, there is a reflection of this state of INTERBEING; the ability to recognize ’other’ within ourselves, and through that to allow ourselves to be changed – simultaneously softened and made more resilient – by our innate interconnection.

Dance, composition, text : Nadja Pärssinen, Maya M. Carroll, Vera Lapitskaya

Field recordings and electroacoustic media: Roy Carroll

Photography : Virpi Velin

Premiere: 2.6.2021 Indictus-studio, Helsinki

Production: Catalysti Transcultural Artists in Finland, Nadja Pärssinen

Support: Taike – The Arts Promotion Centre Finland

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