There is no other

THERE IS NO OTHER is an interdisciplinary project which combines poetry, dance, music and video art.

The project is implemented betwenn Finland and India by the artists of different backgrounds and disciplines in a form of dialogue about inclusion and nonviolence.

It is a journey into the world of unfolded metaphors and meanings, looking for an answer to the question : how can we be part of this world peacefully coexisting with each other in the middle of the deep crisis?

Direction, concept: Vera Lapitskaya 

Working group: Vera Lapitskaya, Edward Petroff, Madhu Raghavendra, Dimitris Tatsis, Natalia Kochelenko

Volunteers: Isabella Mansnérus, Isabel Timofeeva, Elena Cueto, Dina Santalainen

The project implementation in 2022 enabled by the support of The Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)

The project tour in Finland in 2023-2024 enabled by the support of The Finnish Cultural Foundation

Our partners in India : Poetry Couture and Red River